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5 Day Bullet plus 40 Week up to 5 Year PPP 



Program Overview: Trade Program with a five (5) day bullet x 3 (300% profit), that you can put as much or as little of the profit you made along with your original commitment into the Trade Platforms 40 Week or 3 to 5 Year Evergreen. Payments are guaranteed via Fixed Term Contract directly with the Trader with a minimum 100% but averaging 200% plus profit per month. 20% is taken off the top of profits for platform. Trades are normally conducted in HSBC London.


Trade Limitations: minimum 100 Million Euro or equivalent USD to maximum 5 Billion Euro. Multiple contracts at one time are permitted.

Example: 5 x 5B=25B. This is a EUB program only for European Corporations with their funds in Top European Banks.


NOTE: This Primary Platform has other excellent options for highly qualified clients that do not fit the formula of this offering. We have risk free options for all investor that have cash funds of 100M Euro in top European, top Singapore or top US banks. Please discuss your options with your representative.


Length of Program: Starts with (1) 5 Day Bullet, your next choice of 40 weeks, 3 year or 5 year Evergreen


Limited Requirements: This trade usually, but not in all cases requires no SWIFT and the funds are not blocked, but have to remain in the investors’ bank account throughout the entire trade to be set aside only for this program. It is similar to a tear sheet trade as it utilizes the bank account statement and a Bank Comfort Letter with confirmation. The BCL is sent via email between the account holder’s banker and the trader’s transaction account banker.

Please note: At times, depending upon the given circumstances an MT799 will be the preferred available method, which only states that the funds are in your account and will be held in your account for this trade. Not much different than a BCL.


In all cases:



Documents Needed To Start The Process: Pristinely completely filled out KYC with Corporate Resolutions, Corporate Registration, Home Utility Bill and Passport. Bank Account Statement, (“BCL”) signed by two bank officers in wet blue ink, two banker’s business cards and a copy of the Bank Statement. Please contact the registered consultant who forwarded this information to you regarding details of this submission. Preliminary approval usually takes 3 to 5 business days.


Procedures After Preliminary Due Diligence Approval:

  • Account holder will speak to platform officer and than to the trader to go over the contract, program and options.

  • Account holder signs consulting profit participation agreement (“PIMA”) 20% for platform including most consultant fees. Separate reasonable profit sharing agreements are permitted between brokers and the investor. They need to be submitted and approved at time of contract. These will be paid out of profits by the platforms paymaster, unless arranged differently.

  • Upon final approval a contract is offered. The contract is reviewed and all communications will be with trade platform and trader. 

  • Contract signed and returned. 

  • Emails exchanged between the account holder’s banker and the trader’s banker as needed. 

  • Trading commences the following Monday.

  • Profit receiving accounts established as needed and agreed.

  • All taxes are the responsibility of the investor

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