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 MTN & SBLC For Sale


We are a direct intake to a highly established and independent seller/provider of HSBC London SBLC and MTN. The provider has large quantities of pre-paid bank instruments on deposit. ABSOLUTELY NO: upfront fees and NEVER a lease, only a purchase! The buyer always moves first with my seller!

I personally know someone in the Energy Industry that has been purchasing SBLC from this provider for over 8 years. I strongly suggest that you read and understand fully the protocol of my seller. All the information is in the  links below. I  will not answer any other question at this time! To start a conversation follow the sellers protocol!

The client first step: is a current complete pristine CIS and a BCL stating enough on ledger Cash funds to cover the first tranche of a 100M or more for SBLC's  and 500M or more for MTN's. BCL signed by two bankers and copies of their business cards. BPU - Bank Payment Undertaking is never acceptable! This BCL must be sent from the banks server to the client and then directly forwarded to:

(this is done for IP Address verification purposes). See How to Pass Compliance for exact details in the link below. DO NOT ASK ME FOR Bank to Bank POF or any other way, other than the one that is requested. I will only refer you back to this page if you ask me something that is already covered in the information below. 


Regarding Clients Bank: We can only work with top 10 banks in certain jurisdictions. Best Banks: HSBC London, Barclays London, DBS Singapore,  JP Morgan US, Wells Fargo US, Bank of America US, etc. 

We will not sell to banks in these countries: China, Hong Kong, Middle East (except Israel), Malaysia, India, Spain, Africa, Etc.


SBLC Summary

Currently HSBC, London  SBLC 42 + 2


MTN Summary

Currently HSBC, London  MTN with a 6% Coupon 42 + 2


How To Pass Compliance

Details how to successfully submit CIS & BCL


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