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100 Million or More Risk Free PPP / 44 Week Program

Summary: The trade currently will take place inside DBS Singapore. This platform operates with their own lines of credit mirroring the amount of clients’ funds that are held in the clients’ own bank under an Admin Hold for the length of the trade.
A minimum of $100M or more goes into a guaranteed trade program where the investor will receive at the end of the first month a 75% net guaranteed profit. On month 2 the $100 Million original trade funds are allowed to compound with the first month trade profit of $75M to allow $175M to go into trade on month 2. Compounding of profit is allowed on a month-to-month basis. At the end of month 1, the investor will receive there on forward 100% ROI on money kept in trade of $100M or more for each month of the entire 44-week trade.
The investor can take out as much or little profit out of each month's profits and be allowed to roll over the entire month's profit to the next month. Compounding all trade profits for the entire length of trade is how you create tremendous wealth.

Protocol: The Investor must first pass compliance (see below) before receiving the contract and enter into any type of bank- to-bank transaction. Funds must only be in a cash depository account or an SBLC or MTN from a top commercial Western European bank worth over $150M to be monetized at a 70% LTV.  BCL must be from Top Commercial publicly traded Banks that are in Western Europe, US, Singapore and Australia. No other countries will be considered! HSBC London is preferred. DBS Singapore, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Barclays are all good choices.


To Get Started

  • Investor provides KYC (and passport) and must be the OWNER & EARNER of the funds. All signatures and initials must be unique and original. Copied and Pasted is not allowed. No more than 3 days old!

  • (BCL) Bank Capability Letter sent directly to investors email address and then forwarded exactly how received from the banks server to (first level of compliance and intake of clients documents). Two bankers signature on the BCL and copies of their business cards. No more than 3 days old!


WARNING: Our bank will trace the origin of the funds prior to trade. Only the true benefactor, owner and earner of the funds will be allowed to enter trade. All others will be reported to the authorities. DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME!!!!

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