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This private placement trade program is for the owner of BTC wallets with over 100 Million worth of BTC

What Needs To Happen:

To participate in our trade program, the BTC investor needs to establish a line of credit based on the value of their BTC. To achieve this, the investor places their wallet (which is always under their own control and never at any risk) in the trader's reputable crypto/fiat bank, where lines of credit can be established based on the crypto wallet current value.  The wallet remains in the traders bank only for safekeeping purposes to ensure that BTC is not moved or used for any other purpose during length of the trade. This is similar to placing an Admin Hold on a client's bank account for holding and  verification purposes. This is the only way to accomplish securing lines of credit to enter into trade.


 This approach allows the trader to verify that the wallet remains untouched for any other purpose besides the trade. The investor's BTC is 100% secure in this way, and the investor retains complete control over their wallet.

First Things:

Only the owner who has complete control of the BTC wallet can enter into this trade. We need the wallet holders fully filled out KYC and proof of BTC. The investor must agree that after contracts are signed they will move their wallet for safekeeping to the traders' bank (see above). Contracts will be offered when the investor passes the compliance process and then the trade will begin.

To help the investor feel more secure with whom they are working with, the process and the actual returns;  this trade is for investors with 100 Million or more BTC current value. For onboarding the investor may begin with as little as 10 million worth of BTC. 

The Returns

After the investor passes the compliance process the expected historical returns will be discussed. There will be a fixed monthly profit plus a bonus monthly profit. The returns are extremely lucrative!

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