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This is to confirm that I, (Name of Buyer) representing XXXXXXXXXXX (name of company), with registered address of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, want to purchase (amount - example 100 Billion) of Fresh Cut SBLC's at 42+2 issued from HSBC UK, Barclays UK or Credit Suisse Switzerland, with R&E up to the maximum amount of (500 Billion or the amount you want) using the following procedures:

  1. BUYER: sends this LOI including enlarged copy of Signatories Passport, Client Information Summary, and Master Fee Protection Agreement and Non-Solicitation Statement, Corporate Resolution and Corporate Registration.

  2. After BUYER passes compliance and principals speak, SELLER issues the CONTRACT which will be signed and lodged with both bankers. 

  3. Within (1-3) international banking days from the signature and lodging of the contract, SELLER's issuing bank will send MT799 pre-advice to the buyer's banks coordinates (copy of swift to be given by SELLER to BUYER for tracking). 

  4. Within (1-3) International Banking after receipt of the above referred MT799 pre- advice, BUYER's bank will answer with a MT799 RWA or MT799 BPU, (Bank Payment Undertaking), (BUYER will provide SELLER a copy of swift for tracking). 

  5. Within (1-3) International banking days after receipt of MT799 RWA or MT799 BPU, SELLER's bank will send MT760, (SELLER to provide BUYER a copy for tracking).

  6. Upon receipt and authentication of the MT760, BUYER's bank will send payment of XX% for that tranche to SELLER's bank coordinates. All subsequent tranches after initial will just require MT760 followed by immediate payment. SELLER will distribute commissions as directed by the IMFPA to the appointed paymasters to compensate intermediaries. Additional tranches will occur per the agreed upon tranche schedule by SELLER and BUYER until contract is finished.

  7. Hard copy will be delivered to BUYER's bank within (7) days of payment if requested. 

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