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I am proud to present a worthy Humanitarian UNICIP Indigenous People Trade Program


Trade Benefits:

  • Trade will return profit (Historically) 100% per month or more with pay out either weekly or monthly.

  •  This is a 40 Week Trade where client may take the profits immediately after the first week of trade.

  • After the 40 week Trade, the Client may elect to continue with Rolls / Extensions for up to 5 years.


What You Need To Know:

  • The Tribe should have Cash, US Treasuries or CD's in their Bank Account to enter Trade.

  • Most all Banks will be accepted.

  • The money in your Bank Account will never be moved, touched or blocked, the US Treasury / Trade will only Ping your account occasionally to make sure the money is still there to trade against. The Trader has other funds that are used to trade.

  • There is absolutely NO RISK.

  • In addition the poorest tribes do not need to have funds to be allowed to go into trade. The program has given permission to use any benefactors’ funds. The funds never leave the benefactor account or touched, only pinged once and a while to make sure funds remain. The Trade Platform is using their own funds to mirror the benefactors’ account. 80% of the profits must go to the beneficiary (The Tribe). The Benefactor can legally receive up to 20% of the profit of the trades, if they desire.  ZERO RISK TO THEIR FUNDS! This is truly a win-win.


Procedures To Enter Trade:

   1. KYC submitted by either the Chief of the Tribe / Community or a Legally Authorized Power of Attorney. 

   2. Proof of Funds - Bank Statement less than 3 days old.

   3. US Treasury Dept.  Trade Agent will call the Chief directly to explain the Trade Program.

   4. Trade Group will issue Agreement for Trade to proceed.

   5. Profits from Trade Must be used to help the Nation to become more productive and improved their living environment, health, water, energy & mines, buy back land etc.

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