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Direct To Intake Officer- 100% Risk Free - Over 20 Years in PPP

Investment Financial Advisors is a service specializing in connecting qualified investors to Primary Private Placement Programs. Acceptable assets for our trade programs are On Ledger cash funds and bank instruments presented by the genuine owners.

Basic How & Why PPP Clarification


100 Million PPP

Net 40% profit or better per week on100M or more of Bank Instruments or On Ledger Cash 

10M Plus Small Cap

to 100M Large Cap 

Tier Level 1 Trade

in Under 6 Weeks

See 100M PPP for ROI

Bar Chart

Small Cap
40 week Trade Program

Minimum starts at 10 million with a MT799 Admin Hold/Block of funds at an acceptable bank and jurisdiction. Pays 100% gross per month and the investor nets 75% per month. Compounding of profits from one month to the next is allowed. Normal compliance docs required, KYC and BCL/POF.