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Your Direct Source To Primary Private Platforms



Direct To Intake Officer- 100% Risk Free - Over 20 Years in PPP

Investment Financial Advisors is a service specializing in connecting qualified investors to Primary Private Placement Programs. Acceptable assets for our trade programs are On Ledger cash funds and bank instruments presented by the genuine owners.

Basic How & Why PPP Clarification


Fresh Cut
SBLC's & MTN's

HSBC London: SBLC 42+2 and MTN 42+2 with 6% Coupon

100 Million + PPP

Risk Free 100% ROI Per Month


44M to 62 Billion 

Purchase SBLC Enter Into Trade 


PPP with BTC

For investors that have a 100 Million or more worth of BTC to put into trade

Your BTC Wallet will always be safe & secure

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