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Procedures To Pass Compliance


Please Note: Below are two easy steps to pass compliance. For the seller to engage with the client these (2) steps must be completed. These are not the sellers rules! They are regulations that are now imposed by the banks. No seller can bring a buyers offer to any sort of bank transaction without the client first passing this compliance regulation.


Step 1 Pristine completely filled out CIS or KYC together with:

  • Full banking coordinates

  • Company registration

  • Corporate resolution

  • Copy of the signatory’s passport


Step 2 Current (POF) Proof Of Funds:



On MTN & SBLC purchases POF only needs to show enough funds to cover the first tranche or more.


       Any one of these POF methods will be accepted: (3 days old or less)

  • BCL (Bank Comfort Letter) on banks letterhead signed by (2) bank officers

  • RWA (Ready Willing & Able) letter on banks letterhead signed by (2) bank officers

  • Tear Sheet- screen snapshot showing all of the deposit details, account numbers, etc. signed by (2) bank officers.

  • PPP Trade Programs you need to show POF (In above formats) of the full trade amount or if you are monetizing a bank instrument you need to show proof of ownership that is the same as the signatory on the CIS along with copies of the custodial pages.




  • POF sent from your Bankers Email Server to Client

  • Then Client forwards POF directly the intake officers email address:

FYI: Compliance will immediately be able to confirm via IP Address Verification if clients bank actually sent the POF. This is a requirement of the banks.


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