5 Day Bullet Into 40 Week CASH Program

5 Days 300% ROI into 40  Week 100% Plus Per Month


Monetization of Bank Instrument For Trade

Multi Bullets Into 40 Weeks w/ Compounding


Monetization of Inground assets For Trade

Monetization of Assets Into 40 Weeks w/ Compounding


42+2 SBLC 

Top Tier Allocation Holders


60+2 SS MTN and 40+2 FC MTN

Top Tier Provider of MTN with ISIN


Compliance Procedures & Pof requirements

This is what the buyer needs to pass compliance!

NOTICE: This is not an offer to buy or sell financial instruments and  also  not to make an offer to investors to enter into Private Placement Programs. My sole function is to identify potential buyers, investors and to introduce buyer's, seller's and Investors to traders  and instrument providers for them to negotiate final terms, procedures and contracts.

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