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Private Transaction

Great Alternative To A Conventional Loan

Project Funding Through An Insurance Company Creating Indemnity Bond Collateral


  • Our Insurance Company will loan $20M to$20B and more

  • Indemnity bond cost is in the range of 2.3% to 4.7%.

  • If the company has existing history of a year or more in business, the cost can be as low as 2.3%. For purchasing real estate the fee is 4.7% of the value of the loan. On average 20% or more upfront savings on a conventional loan plus no traditional associated new loan closing costs.

  • On the basis of client background, we are able to fund using bridge loan for the cost of indemnity bond

  • We close in a few days with bond paid for and the collateral is immediately available. Explanation:The structure is a private transaction. The head of compliance issues the paper. They issue “indemnity bond add alternative”. We create collateral, the indemnity bond is the collateral. Example; to borrow a $100M all banks want a minimum 25 percent down. We can create the $100M with only $4.7M (4.7%). In London we will bring a bridge loan lender to finance an indemnity bond. The object of the funding comes from the World Bank. We can finance just about any type of project; hospitals, bridge construction, roadways, etc. We have already funded $18B for one project. This is safer and used as alternative to bank paper. The positive  is there is full protection, with our insurance company. Protection having performance, and funds can be generated immediately. We insure bank paper and the transaction. The insurance company can monetize, in a private transaction.

  • To Get Started:                                                                                                                                                  1.The buyer needs to fill out a form [DOWNLOAD BELOW] completely and email back to: along with his contact information.

  • 2. A company representative will contact the buyer directly

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