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Low €44M Entry – with Multiple 10 Day Buy/Sell Trades 

A ‘short term’ Trade with great returns and low entry level of Euro 44M -- or the USD equivalent.

  • If funds not in HSBC, London - Client’s funds are transferred to a SPV account in HSBC: The Trade Platform will arrange for an SPV Company to be set up in the client’s name & control.

  • The Client will be the 100% shareholder of this new ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ -- SPV Company.  A Bank Account is opened in the SPV company name in HSBC Bank PLC, and the Client is sole signatory of the SPV Company Bank Account for the specific purpose of the Buy/Sell Contracts. Full disclosure will be provided after client’s submission received and compliance is completed. Law Firm for the Trader and Platform will make these SPV arrangements and assist the Client.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 First Contract: €44M -

  • Original Capital Investment €44M Original Capital returned to Client (2) Banking Days after the ‘first’ Contract start date

  • €120M - ROI payable to Client ten (10) Banking Days after the first Contract start date.

  • €164M Total Returned & Paid to Client ten (10) Banking Days after the first Contract start date.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NOTE: If Client requests the ‘Rolls & Extensions’ option in the ‘initial’ Trade Contract, the indicative ‘ROI’ shall apply EACH TIME Client re-invests their ‘original’ €44M Capital for EACH additional Contract.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Second Contract Option: €44M - (With the requested ‘Rolls & Extensions’ option)

  • €44M - Original Capital returned and re-invested (2) Banking Days after ‘first’ Contract start date. €44M - Returned to Client (4) Banking Days after the ‘first’ Contract start date.

  • €120M - Payable to Client in (10) Banking Days after the ‘first’ Contract start date (Contract #1).

  • €120M - Payable to Client in (10+2) Banking Days after the ‘first’ Contract start date (Contract #2)

  • €284M - Total Returned & Paid to Client (12) Banking Days after the ‘first’ Contract start date.                                     



1) Re-invest every (2) days to be paid every (10) Days. Number of Rolls & Extensions to be discussed between principals.         2) Initial Capital Investment larger than €44M will be considered when client’s submission received; or if an increased investment is requested between additional contracts.                                                                                                                          3) The Client will receive 90% net of all returns/profit. 10% paid to consultants.
A consultant fee agreement must be executed prior to client receiving the trade contract.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Documentation Required:

1. An ‘Individual’ or ‘Corporate’ KYC form (supplied), signed with blue, wet ink client signatures.

2. Cut & Paste signatures not accepted – we need to know client has seen and read - the KYC.

3. Scans of: client’s Utility Bills, Corporate Registration and Letter of Good Standing Documents.

4. A Bank Statement (no older than 3 days) signed by 2 Bank Officers with their business cards.

5. A high quality colour scan of the KYC signatory’s Passport -- that is enlarged to 140% in PDF.

6. Note: Both the Client’s ‘BO’ signed Bank Statement and their KYC – must have same date.



1. Client submits their current dated KYC and BO signed Bank Statement plus related documents.

2. After Due Diligence is completed and the client is accepted; the Platform Attorney speaks to the Client -- to ensure Client understands the program including – procedure and the stated returns.

3. Platform Lawyer arranges a CC with Trader and the Client. If the client is ready to proceed; and both parties are in agreement -- the Trader sends contract to client for review and signing back.

4. Client receives counter-signed trade contract from Trader and the first trade starts shortly after.

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