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Trade Platform Procedure

40 week program / On 100M or more a guaranteed 100% net profit per Month

  1. To start the process, the account holder/Investor/Client must provide their CIS and a passport copy. A recent POF (Proof Of Funds). The Investor/Client funds including credit lines collateralized by their own assets can be shown with a Bank Capability Letter (BCL) addressed to the Client/Investor and signed by two Bank Officers. The Client/Investor funds may be in any Major Western European Bank, South Korea Major Bank, Hong Kong Major Bank, Japanese Major Bank, Australian Major Bank, New Zealand Major Bank, and any U.S. Major Bank.

  2.     Thereafter a contract will be issued to the client.  Once the contract has been explained and executed, the trade will commence immediately. On 100M or more the funds will remain in the client's own account, they are merely blocked via his own Bank’s “Administration Hold”. The Trade Platform will establish a 70% Line of Credit against the Funds on “Administrative Hold”. The Line of Credit Funds will be increased as the trade profits are compounded.

  3.    The ROI is a guaranteed 100% Net per Month for Net Funds above 100 Million USD/Euro. Whatever the compounded balance, it would be traded. Trade profits are distributed at the end of each 30-day cycle. There is no “project” requirement.

  4.    On a 100M or more the trade platform uses its own line of credit for the trade; the client’s funds remain in his own Bank under an “Administrative Hold”. The trade is within HSBC London or DBS Singapore.

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